Monday 20 June 2011

Spread the Love

This past weekend my amazing sister organised a two-day surprise Hen’s event for me. She cooked my favourite food (fajitas!), stocked the fridge with my favourite beer (Corona!), packed the freezer with my favourite ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked!), made sure there was time to watch my all-time favourite movie (Dirty Dancing!), organised a spa day and booked me in for a hot stone massage (brilliant!)…AND she brought together my wonderful girlfriends to celebrate with me. To say I’ve been feelin’ the love is an understatement. I am feeling very, very blessed.

I was reminded how truly fortunate I am to have each of these unique and special women in my life; women who care so much about me and wanted to wish me well in my future marriage. This weekend I’ve created memories that I can call upon whenever I need to feel appreciated and loved. Because that’s sure what I felt a lot of over those two days with my friends by my side.

So for those ladies who I know are reading this blog - thank you for sharing the joy with me. Thank you for all the well wishes and kind words. Thank you for the laughter and the hugs and the all-round good time! Thank you, especially, for your friendship.


  1. Just read this...and the love continued throughout your wedding day. It was wonderful to share it with you and your beloved husband!

  2. You make it so easy to love you. What a time we have had since November 2010. Now onward to the future. xxxx M