Thursday 13 December 2012

D is for Dreams

It's week four of Alphabe-Thursday. :-)

D is for Dreams...

As in follow your dreams. We all have things we dream about doing, seeing, experiencing, achieving. It's one of the driving forces of human nature. Without goals and dreams to fulfil we would never have evolved from hunters and gatherers. It's our desire to accomplish that pushes us all forward in life.

The beauty of a dream is that we all have the power to create them. Whatever we can imagine, we can create. Sure we often encounter resistance while trying to fulfil a dream, but the secret to resistance is that it's there to show us what we really want. That which we fear the most is the one thing our heart truly desires. Obstacles and resistance are part of the creative process - when we're setting something in motion and trying to bring a dream into reality, resistance inevitably occurs. We can give in to resistance and let the obstacles hold us back, or we can choose to view resistance in a more positive light. We can choose to see the obstacle as a sign post directing us forward, proving we are on the correct path.

Dedication and perseverance are key to accomplishing our dreams. But the most valuable asset is a belief in yourself. Believe you are worthy of achieving your dreams. Go after them with all the courage you possess. Because when you live your dream it's a life full of joy.

Dreams really do come true. So dream big!


  1. If we didn't have our dreams I don't know where we would be...
    Laurie @ Pride in photos

  2. oh yes, dream massive because you never know

  3. Totally right on the money "belief in oneself" to realizing one's dreams is a key essential. Great post!

  4. Ordinary Words....Good D post♫ Mine is about a dream as well♥

  5. I love escaping into my dreams. I mean my sleep dreams. Sometimes they're so vivid I wake up and forget where I am. Until the dog starts to howl to go out.

  6. Very nice post, Erin.

    BIG love from a DREAMER ;)

    Scudds a.k.a DOMestique

  7. Those are very true words. Have hope, have dreams and make (!) them come true. Thank you for the reminder :)

    Stopping by from Alphabe- Thursday - mine for letter 'D' @ ImagesByCW is about 'donner'

  8. To fulfill my own and the dreams of others is my passion!

  9. Erin, this was a delightful and thoughtful post.

    Thanks for reminding me of a message I've forgotten over the past few days.

    This was powerful.

    Thank you for linking it.