Wednesday 24 February 2010

Meditation for Survival

We breathe, and eat, and drink, and sleep every single day to ensure our survival. Without food or air or rest our bodies would shut down and our time here on Planet Earth would cease. We know this. We do it all without question because it is an absolute necessity.

But what if our lives depended on another daily necessity? What if to make sure you lived to see tomorrow, you were required to find a quiet spot, calm your mind and focus your attention on your breathing for thirty minutes out of your day?

What if our existence relied on essential meditation? What kind of world would we be living in then?
I'd hasten to guess that we would have never known war or poverty or murder or deceit. We would honour one another, have respect for each other, live our lives from the state of unconditional love. If meditation was a daily practice for all, just as eating and breathing and sleeping are, everybody would be tapped into their own divinity and our world would reflect this magnificence.

The world around us, right now, is magnificent; it always has been. But the majority of us have lost our way. We aren’t aware of how brilliant we shine. We walk around in a daze, focussed on our individual achievements. We are separated from one another in competition. We are so tied to our physical existence that food and air are consumed without a second thought, without awareness, often without gratitude.

Those of us who have experienced the benefits of meditation have committed to a regular practice because it allows us to transcend negativity, anxiety and fear. Meditation gives us peace of mind. Meditation helps us tap into our strength. Meditation brings us closer to ourselves, so we may know our heart’s desire with clarity, so we may commune with our soul and align ourselves with our true divine essence.

In this time of change, as humanity evolves to live in a higher consciousness, spiritual practices like meditation are becoming as necessary as breathing. We are all searching for something more, trying to find our way, looking for answers.

Those answers can be found with meditation. By putting aside some time to quiet our minds and focus solely on our breathing, we learn to look within and trust our intuition. We re-mind ourselves of our true Self.

The something we are searching for, those answers we desire, already reside within us. We just need to remember them.


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