Friday 28 January 2011

Today is Gratitude Day!

Continuing my list of '100 Gratitudes', I am grateful for...

81. massage - one of the best massages I've ever had was at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. You think massage inside a therapist's treatment room is wonderful...try getting massaged while floating on your back on a mattress in the warm waters of the Lagoon. The floating just adds a whole other level of relaxation. Amazing! But of course there is also massage I enjoy much closer to home - I recently went for my second ever Kahuna massage. I loved it! In fact, I was in heaven afterwards. Kahuna literally is an all body massage as the therapist works on your front as well as your back. It's all about long, continuous, flowing strokes. It's all about harmony. :-) In Hawaiian, kahuna means 'loving hands'. Enough said.

82. showers - this is my everyday massage! I'm one of those bad people who take long showers. I try not to but I just love them so much. The hot water cascading down my back, the steam filling my lungs...what's not to love? :-) I often get creative ideas pop into my head while I'm in the shower. Or if something has been bothering me or stressing me out, a solution will appear. Now that I've gotta be grateful for!

83. bed - if I'm talking about relaxation I have to mention bed! I can't name one thing better than curling up under the doona and feeling my head sink into my pillow and feeling my tired body surrender to the comfort of my mattress. Actually, there is something better - that feeling I get when I wake up but I don't have to get up. You know it? When you can simply roll over, close your eyes again and drift off. Ahh sleep....I adore it. Ahh bed...what a wonderful invention. :-)

84. walking - that's right; I don't spend all my time asleep. I do love to go for a walk. It's another very relaxing thing to do, another way to clear my mind so I can come up with new creative ideas. In the summertime, especially, I like to go to the park and walk. There is always a buzz in the air and I make sure I breathe it in! Plus, you know what I adore about walking - it doesn't feel like exercise. It feels more like meditation.


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