Wednesday 2 February 2011

Today is Gratitude Day!

Continuing my list of '100 Gratitudes', I am grateful for...

85. Reiki - I don't know who I'd be if Reiki hadn't found its way into my life. I've mentioned a lot in this list the things that have helped me to grow and change; Reiki would have to be the most significant of these. One of the first posts I wrote on Healing Scribe was about my journey to Reiki. It sums up just why I'm eternally grateful for this magnificent healing art.
Read it here -
My journey to Reiki and beyond

86. 'Eastern Body. Western Mind' by Anodea Judith - once I learnt Reiki and discovered the world of energy it was inevitable that the chakras (energy centres) would come into my awareness. I began to devour books about the chakra system. The best one, by far, is Eastern Body Western Mind. This book, like its title suggests, weaves together the eastern understandings of our energy body with the western traditions of psychology. Not only did Anodea Judith give me a wonderful knowledge of each of the seven major chakras, but she also passed on her wisdom of how each chakra affects us as we grow from baby to adult (and continuously in a cycle throughout the rest of our lives). For example - the first chakra found at the base of the spine relates to grounding and coincides with our initial stage of development; our new life as a baby as we learn to crawl and then walk. We are finding our footing in this world - literally and energetically. Knowing more about the role of each chakra in my energetic development has helped me to understand my personality better and where my specific issues came from. I've been able to let go and heal myself of past emotional pain. For that I'm very, very grateful.

87. crystals - last year I studied Crystal Healing. Doing my twenty case studies blew everything I thought I knew about the energetic power of crystals out of the water! I've always been attracted to crystals (especially amethyst - purple!!) and I had an abstract understanding of their energy and healing qualities. But when I was able to witness it myself, among my case study clients, I realised that crystals have very, very strong healing energy. Using them in conjunction with the chakras gave the client a powerful healing session that balanced their energy body, aided their wellbeing and helped them to feel relaxed. I'd seen these same responses during Reiki sessions, but during my crystal case studies I did not channel Reiki energy at all. The healing that occurred was a direct result of the power of these little gems of the Earth. How magnificent!

88. affirmations - while I'm talking about energy I can not forget to mention the energy of our thoughts. Yes, thoughts have an energetic vibration as well. They are not just confined to the insides of our brain. They move beyond our heads to the energy soup that is our universe and they attract their physical manifestations into our lives. Feeling sad and being hard on yourself, that's what you'll continue to attract - more painful thoughts and an even more painful reality. On the other hand if you're conscious of your thoughts and try to maintain a positive frame of mind, you will inevitably attract more and more joy and prosperity into your life. It's the law of attraction. Fact. That's why affirmations are so valuable - they can be used to retrain your thought patterns and get rid of those nagging self-doubts that plague you.
Try saying this affirmation daily and see if you start to feel lighter, happier and more content with who you are and the life you're living... (it works for me!)...
'I love and approve of myself.'


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