Tuesday 27 September 2011

Love Creations

After a long talk with a very wise friend of mine (thanks K!), I've decided that writing need not be my only creative outlet. There is more creative potential in me folks, it's just a matter of allowing myself to tap into it! :-) So with that in mind I'm going to let myself create just for the fun of it, in whichever medium I so desire. And the theme of these new creations will be love, because....well...why not?! Everybody loves love, right? I know I do! :-)

I want to bring the joy back into creation. I want to create for creation's sake. Like when I was a kid and I drew endless pictures of horses, or I made a cross-stitch bunny for my mum, or I made a fabric loveheart-shaped photo frame for my dad. Remember craft? It was a joy, and it didn't matter whether it was 'good' or 'bad', it was enough that I'd created something in the first place.

So here's my first 'love creation': Candy Love! I took all the rock candy and chocolates I still have left over from our wedding favours (they make you buy these things in packs of 100!) and I made a little something.

I'm also working on a cross-stitch picture which I will post about once it's all done. And I feel a trip to Hobby Craft is on the cards! :-) Who knows what I'll come up with? Stay tuned...


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