Thursday 7 February 2013

L is for Love

It's week twelve of Alphabe-Thursday!

L is for Love...

As The Beatles so wisely told us - "All you need is love." :-)

I'm in love with love. It's my favourite word. I love to write it. I love to say it. I love to see it. It's a beautiful word that rolls off the tongue and brings me such a sense of peace and joy.

But love is much more than a word isn't it? :-) It's a state of being. It's a feeling. It's a way to live one's life. Love really is all that matters. Love in all its forms - whether romantic or platonic - is what binds us all together. We all long for love. And love is the one thing that can save us all.

That might sound very dramatic and idealistic, but I can't help it. That's the way I've always felt about love. It's my number one priority in life and I do believe any hostility or anger towards others can be solved with a little love. Give someone a hug with love in your heart and you'll give them a rare gift - a shared moment of pure joy amongst all the chaos in the world.

Love isn't just for others though. We've all heard that to love another we must first love ourselves. It's true, even if it's hard to do sometimes. We can all be self-critical at times and it takes a lot of courage to love and accept ourselves fully, just as we are. But it is possible! And when we love ourselves we open our hearts and our world to unlimited potential. Our lives overflow with joy and abundance.

I've always believed that our only real purpose in life is to love and be loved. All our life lessons, all our experiences, come back to this. On our death beds this is really all that will matter to us. In my opinion as long as we know we have given our all to love, that we've lived with an open heart, been true to ourselves and allowed others to be true to themselves, then we will have fulfilled our purpose here on Earth.

So let your life be filled with love. Say it loud to the people you love. Don't hold back. Open your heart and be vulnerable. Love another and let them love you back. Love your friends and your family. Love your pets. Love a stranger. Love yourself.

Reach out with love and you will find it reaching right on back to you. 


  1. Lovely and thought provoking post. Love others as we want to be loved -- it's what we are supposed to do!

  2. I so agree with you...without love really where would we be?? A miserable life really...its all about love.

  3. A great post. Love is a wonderful thing!

  4. I always make sure to tell the people I love how I feel. It makes me happy!

  5. Love certainly does make the world go around. Great 'L' post and with Valentine's Day next week, then this one should be reposted!

    Liked having you stopping by my little niche yesterday & reading/commenting on my lesson assignment from Alphabe-Thursday classroom!

  6. I agree. I LOVE your L post...And I'm going to have that song in my head all morning. :)

  7. I also went for love this week with my post
    The Beatles song you quoted was one of the ones we used at our wedding 3 years ago :-)

  8. I, too, love this song.

    And the sentiment.

    Over the years I've come to learn, though, that sometimes love just is enough.

    Such sad knowledge!

    Thank you for linking.