Thursday 28 February 2013

O is for Ocean

It's week fifteen of Alphabe-Thursday!

O is for Ocean...

The ocean always reminds me of how small and insignificant I am. Of course I know I'm not worthless or unimportant, but the ocean is a seemingly endless living creature that covers our entire planet. Compared to it I'm nothing more than a... umm, how to say it?... a drop in the ocean. ;-)  Being near the ocean puts everything into perspective for me. I'm reminded how magnificent Earth is and how remarkable life is. Who can stand near the rolling waves of the ocean and not be in awe of life? I know I can't! :-)

The ocean is so powerful and so vast. According to Wikipedia it covers over 70% of the Earth's surface and oceanographers say only a tiny 5% of it has actually been explored. That means almost the entire oceanic universe has never given up its secrets. I like to imagine it that way - the ocean is the same as the uncharted expanse of outer space, a galaxy all its own just waiting to be examined.

The spirit of the ocean is something we're all drawn to. It's no coincidence that most holidays are spent by the seaside. :-) Whenever I'm at the ocean I feel connected to her soulful energy and I long to bathe in her beautiful, revitalising waters. The breathtaking view of her reaching out as far as the horizon (especially at sunset!) ignites something deep within me. Mother nature has spoken and in that moment I feel alive and full of joy.

Connecting to nature is a way to give back to your soul. Nature transforms your energy body by clearing blocks and releasing negativity so you can fully embrace life, love, joy and feelings of abundance and hope. Nature can heal us and the ocean in particular, with her unending beauty, can remind us that all the world's potential is open to each and every one of us.

The ocean allows us to comprehend true abundance because just as our world is covered in ocean, so too is Earth flowing with the bountiful energies of love and joy. When you think about it, the ocean is essentially a giant pot of little water droplets. And just like those droplets we humans are tiny particles of the unlimited energetic soup that is our universe. We are individual beings made up of the same lifeforce energy as every other being, and when we come together as one we are as magnificent and as powerful as the ocean.


  1. While I dearly loved living so close to the Catalinas, and do love being by the ocean now. All I have to do is jump in the car and in 15 minutes, I'm on the beach!

  2. the ocean is so healing. Especially the air. those eons I think...

  3. I love this phrase:

    The ocean allows us to comprehend true abundance

    I've never thought about it in those terms before but you are so right.

    What a thoughtfully oustanding post!

    Thank you for sharing this.