Thursday 7 March 2013

P is for Play

It's week sixteen of Alphabe-Thursday!

P is for Play...

When I was a kid I would spend hours lost in my imagination, creating worlds for my toys to inhabit and stories for them to act out. I suppose it's no surprise that I grew up to become a fiction writer! :-) But play wasn't just about my imagination. It was all about the fun of doing something just for pleasure. That's one of the best parts of being a child - we can frolic without guilt. We're free to fill our days with playfulness.

Adults aren't as lucky. We have work and responsibilities. Play slips further down our priority list the older we get. When we do give ourselves time to play we often encounter guilt - we even refer to our playful times as 'guilty pleasures'. But why should any pleasurable experience be a guilty one?

Play is vital for our well-being. Letting go and enjoying life is one of the best things we can do for our health. Play can relax us and stimulate us all at once. It can help us relieve tension and stress, clear our minds so we're better able to problem-solve, while also motivating us to focus on joy and carefree fun.

Play for adults has become all about competition. Our sporting heroes have built a career around playing and yet I wonder how many of them still enjoy what they're doing with the same youthful abandon of a child? Once play becomes work it often loses its joy.

Adults need to play, even when there are no kids around! We don't have to wait to join our children in their fun (if they'll let us!). We need to break out the games and reignite our ability to bring wide-eyed curiosity and carefree delight into our daily lives. 

When was the last time you had a snowball fight or swung as high as you could on the playground swings? When was the last time you skipped rope or played hopscotch? When was the last time you played a boardgame or even simply lay in the grass and looked at the clouds floating by? Remember childhood play? It was so much fun!! :-) Let's bring more of that into adulthood! 

Can you recall the last time you felt as free as a child, lost in the joy of playfulness and pleasure? If so, what were you doing?


  1. Play is so important. I get lots of playtime with my grandkids. :)

  2. let me see, my play is centered around art. And the moment I lost the desire to sell it, the more fun it became. Thanks for reminding me! {:-D

  3. Great word!! I am sitting in my kitchen with a raging storm blowing out the window. We live on a little island so the snow flakes are coming down sideways and a few of them just don't know which way to go..they are flitting back and forth and round and round just like they are dancing. It's very playful to watch them.

  4. Playing with my granddaughter is always fun! The best play I've had recently though was playing Pictionary with my son, daughter, her boyfriend and my hubby -- we made up our own since we didn't have the game anymore! Hysterical laughter!!

  5. I do get some playtime thanks to my grandkids. I'm going skiing with my littlest this weekend!

  6. I started to do a play diploma and my first task was to explain in 500 words why play was "inate" in us humans . Love to play

  7. Great, creative post for *P* - love to play with my dog!

    Have a great weekend too!

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday!

  8. Play is essential for survival. I think more so for adults than children. We older folks get so caught up in day to day minutia, we forget to have fun enjoying the simple things in life. Great blog full of wisdom.

  9. I absolutely agree with you!

    Play and laughter becomes even more important as life gets more difficult!

    I think both of these are the ultimate stress reliever!

    Thanks for a lovely, thoughtful link for the letter 'P'.