Thursday 14 March 2013

Q is for Quest

It's week seventeen of Alphabe-Thursday!

Q is for Quest...

I consider my life to be a quest for spiritual growth. I long to know spirituality, to feel the essence of spiritual truth in my everyday life. Sometimes I get lost in 'normality' and forget to nurture my soul. When that happens I disconnect from the magic of life. But luckily something always brings me back - I witness a moment of compassion or Mother Nature inspires me and I'm instantly reminded that there is more to life than the everyday stresses.

But as much as I do long for knowledge, my spiritual journey has made me realise that the mysteries of our world can not really be understood by our brains. Our logical mind is limited - it will often convince us that what we know to be true in our hearts is actually wrong. But I've had many experiences since I started out on my spiritual quest that really do defy logic. I've witnessed synchronicity work its magic to bring just what I needed into my life at just the right time - as though I had placed an order for it! I've seen angels float into the room while I've been giving a reiki treatment and then had my client say, without me revealing my own vision, that they too saw the same being of light hovering over us. That kind of event can not be explained away as an overactive imagination. When two people see the same thing that is proof enough for me!

There is something far bigger than us at play in our universe. Whether you call that God or spirit or life energy or love, it all means the same thing - it is the light of the world, the divine presence that permeates everything. My spiritual quest is a lifelong exploration of that divine light. I want to experience it as much as I can, to let it feed my soul and bring me closer to the truth of who I am. I know I am a spiritual being - I am more than mere flesh and bone. I know we all have a divine spark within that guides us. It is my desire to always live from that spark and to help others connect to that part of themselves so we may all know just how truly magnificent we are.



  1. what a lovely post! i feel the same way about spirituality, it is a very personal, strong thing in my life that doesn't depend upon anything outside of me...

  2. A spiritual journey is a good place to be

  3. Reiki session next week please x

  4. God is at our center. We just need to be quiet enough to listen. It's all right within quiet, comtemplative reach.

  5. Often wish on our census forms where it says religion, we could write 'spiritual' and have that acknowledged. I think many of our population are spiritual rather than religious people. So pleased about your Reiki session - what a blessing!

  6. so well spoken, there's nothing to add.
    Why couldn't we write in whatever we want on our Census forms?

  7. "There is something far bigger than us at play in our universe."

    On good days, I really, truly believe that. On bad ones, I long to really, truly believe it. Maybe it's all the same thing?

  8. This was quite a lovely post.

    I do a daily reading from an Al-Anon publication which so often feels totally appropriate for my life at the exact moment I read it.

    Your post was like that for me.

    Bless you.

    Thank you.