Thursday 4 April 2013

T is for Touch

It's week twenty of Alphabe-Thursday!

T is for Touch...

Touch is vital for our wellbeing because it helps us to feel cared for and cherished. When someone reaches out to hug you it always feels wonderful, doesn't it? That closeness between people is so important for our happiness.

Touch is the first of our senses to be developed. We're touching while we're still in the womb. And after we're born touch is the first thing we feel in this world. The soothing touch of our parents makes us feel safe and comforted.The amount that we are hugged and showered with affection during those critical early years of life can have a profound affect on us as adults. If we know what tenderness and caring feels like from our very first days, we are more likely to grow up into confident, compassionate adults. Without affection and connection with others we lose our ability to relate or feel comfortable around people. We might become hostile towards others or even depressed.

The benefits of touch work on an emotional, physical, psychological, and even cognitive level. Caring touch stimulates brain growth by releasing endorphins. The simple act of hugging can calm us when we're feeling anxious or soothe us when we're upset. Someone reaching out to place their hand on our shoulder when they know we need to feel comforted or acknowledged in some way is a beautiful gift. It helps us to know we're not alone and that people care about us. Touch can bring people together, forge bonds, and help us to feel accepted and loved. A warm embrace can change our lives for the better.

Sending you a big 'virtual' hug today.... :-)

"You can't wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug"  ~ Author Unknown 


  1. Hug right back to you ~ Touch, I agree, is so important to living well ~ Great post for alphabe ^_^

  2. Lovely idea for a *T* post - so very true!

    Have a great Alphabe-Thursday and weekend too,

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday

  3. A simple hug can go a long way... This is a lovely and thoughtful post.

  4. I simple hug or hand hold can truly change a day.

  5. Lovely blog post Erin. You know how to write about such issues with clarity and no 'fluff' but you also manage to capture great sensitivity.

  6. definitely agreed! hugs are very important to my emotional well-being :3

  7. I think touch is important too. It's interesting - some people are touchable, like a hand on the shoulder. And some people aren't! {:-Deb

  8. This is a very Thoughtful post for the letter T...

    It is True That Touch is a Tremendously important sense That is developing from The beginning...

    Terrific Job!

    Thanks for linking.