Thursday 25 April 2013

W is for Wellness

It's week twenty-three of Alphabe-Thursday!

W is for Wellness...

Wellness is the balancing of mind, body and spirit. Our overall health and happiness comes from the merging of these three essential parts of us. By choosing a balanced existence we can ensure a more joyful life. If we ignore one or more part, it means we're 'running on empty'. That's usually when illness arrives.

The one part most often ignored is the spirit. Our body and mind are tangible - we live with them every single day. We all know our body needs food and water to survive. We're told from a young age to care for our bodies through healthy eating and exercise. We know that to prolong our lives we must look after our bodies first and foremost.

Likewise, the mind is something we interact with from day one. We might not be able to touch our mind, but we're certainly aware of our thoughts; they never leave us! We feed our mind by learning new skills or reading books. It is our mental intelligence, our sense of reasoning and our accumulation of memories that provides us with a foundation to build our lives upon. 

For a lot of people the body and mind are enough. They learn everything they need to know to survive and they make sure their body keeps them alive for as long as possible.

But for some of us, we need a little more. To feel completely well we also need to nourish our spirits. How we go about this, of course, depends on our individual understanding of 'spirit'. For me, my spirit is my soul - the immortal essence of me. To nourish my soul I meditate, chant mantras, use affirmations and connect to Reiki energy. I continually seek deeper spiritual growth through experience of the mysteries of life. Giving time to my soul, just like the time I devote to keeping my body healthy and my mind active, is essential to my well-being.

“Body and mind, and spirit, all combine,
To make the Creature, human and divine.”
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox ~

How do you promote wellness in your life?


  1. Wonderfully informative post for W and so filled with inspiring info!

  2. I promote wellness in my life by example. My diet is mostly plant based, I drink lots of water, get plenty of exercise and I make time every day for personal reflection. Without spirit I really have nothing.

    Oh yes, a sense of humor is important.

  3. I find that my physical body and my spiritual body are so connected that I cannot have wellness if they are not balanced.

  4. very true. my wellness comes mostly from writing (getting out my thoughts really helps, as does entering my imaginary world) and exercise.

  5. this is a perfect letter and word for you! It's a good way of thinking about your existence on earth. I think my artwork and reading are big contributors to my wellness. I need to pay more attention to my physical well-being... {:-D

  6. Agree with above comments - wellness for me comes from writing (on fourth thriller now!!)

  7. Above comments are very true. I agree. I am not a good writer myself but I do try and it does give a huge contribution to my wellness.


  8. I really think you described Wellness perfectly...

    These are WOnderful ideas that you have Written so Well....

    Terrific post for the letter W...

    Thanks for linking!