Thursday 3 January 2013

G is for Grace

It's week seven of Alphabe-Thursday!

G is for Grace...

I've always liked Deepak Chopra's definition of grace - "the effortless flow of existence that comes when you are living in harmony with life, when the rhythms of your body-mind are in synch with nature's rhythms."

Have you ever experienced synchronicity - those coincidental moments where something you've been searching for miraculous presents itself, when all your desires are fulfilled, when everything just effortlessly falls into place?

That's grace.

I consider myself to be living in a state of grace when my life is full of harmonious blessings. At these times I am overflowing with carefree optimism - no dream or desire is out of reach. Grace brings profound happiness and joy into my world.

I see grace as living in alignment with my divine, spiritual nature. I believe God is love and this love resides within us all. The divine spark of love present in every human being is the same divine spark that exists in all life. Life itself is the creative power of the universe. Life and love are the two forces that bind us all together.

When we awaken to the flow of life energy and begin to appreciate our own divinity we can not help but live in grace. We become one with all and our movements synchronise with the dance of life happening all around us. This is when effortlessness takes over and we stop fighting so hard. We learn to 'go with the flow' and let things happen naturally.

Surrendering to the power of life's destiny can be hard at times. We long for something to happen in our lives and we push, and push, and push, until we wear ourselves out. But life doesn't have to be this difficult. Acknowledge that timing is everything, and that we can't force life to bend to our whims. Instead we must harmonise with life and trust that our destinies will be fulfilled. As long as we follow our inner, spiritual guidance.

The divine spark within knows what's best for us. All we need do is listen to it, trust in its wisdom, and let the rhythm of grace carry us forward. 


  1. I don't know where we would be without Grace in our lifes?
    Stay blessed,

  2. I think grace is all around us. We just need to be receptive to it.

  3. God's grace is sufficient to sustain me through all the ebb and tides of life. Beautiful post! Thanks for stopping by this morning. May 2013 bring blessings to you & yours.

    If by chance you did not see today's 2 questions at the bottom of my post, then why not jump over to see if this is something you would like to participate in at Famous Georges

  4. grace - definitely a required G in life..
    and guilt - a G we can do without..

  5. That quote is one of my favorites!

    And Grace is one of my favorite words!

    Thank you for sharing this gracious post and your generous thoughts on the word and subject!