Thursday 10 January 2013

H is for Heart

It's week eight of Alphabe-Thursday!

H is for Heart...

I believe the truth of who we are resides in our hearts. The heart is the home of our dreams and desires, our love and our passions. It is our heart that can offer us guidance when needed.

The heart chakra is the beautiful middle ground between our upper and lower chakras. It is the centre where we integrate the energies of both our physical being and our spiritual being. It is the site of unity. Our heart is where we can tap into our soul, our divine spark within, and connect to all that is. When we live from our hearts we can feel at one with others and our planet. We are no longer alone.

Opening our heart can bring us an abundance of love and joy. Our heart is our feeling centre. It is where we experience the magnitude of human emotions. The heart has its own rhythm and it is one bursting with positive, sensual, vibration. Allowing our hearts to guide us can bring us everything we desire.

Most of us are slaves to our brain - those endless thoughts that run through our mind, the stress that second guessing brings, the worry and fear that overloads us at times. Our brains have their place in our life, sure, but the most joyful, carefree, happy people in the world have learnt to make their brain work for them and not the other way around.

Have you ever been wrestling with a decision and asked your heart for the answer instead of your brain? Try it! Once I began to ask my heart for direction I felt a weightlessness come over me. Things started to become easier as my intuition awoke. I found my heart was able to answer me through my feelings. When I gave my heart the chance to speak up, my brain was automatically silenced. Only when I had my answer did my brain start talking again - and then it was to give me notes on how to make my heart's dreams come true.

Your heart holds your deepest desires and your divine essence. Trust in your heart's wisdom. It knows the best way forward for you. Just give it the attention it deserves. Love your heart and all of life's joy and wonder will be yours.


  1. A great read to start my day with! Thanks for the inspiration and now off to listen to my heart!

  2. I think I listen to my heart more than I do my brain sometimes. It gets me in trouble at times and I wish I had allowed my brain's choices to dictate. lol

  3. Great post! "... our heart is where we can tap into our soul." If our decisions are based on this we will be at peace.

  4. what a beautifully written post for heart chakras! i am so enjoying reading your posts, so happy you have joined the ABC group.

    your lovely words make me think about a solid conviction that i have regarding a person's soul. i cannot believe that there is no soul or that after we die then there is nothing. the love that a mother feels for her children is so strong and powerful, there is no way that energy could ever simple cease to be. thanks for you post because it just reconfirmed those feelings for me.

  5. I always tend to over think everything, so this is good advice for me...

  6. I think I accidentally published a blank comment. I didn't mean to! What a beautiful post you have written here.

  7. good advice. I try to let my heart lead me, but sticky things like finance usually gets in my way. Sorry, having a depressed heart right now... {:-Deb

  8. I guess you mean with "heart" emotions, intuition, inspiration, imagination? I would say that what you call "heart is the transition between our intellectual mind and our spirit. With spirit I mean what you call our divine essence. Kind of tricky business to let my feelings decide what the right decisions are! It may "feel right" at the moment, but it may not BE Wise:)

  9. My 'heart' and my 'brain' are often at war with each other.

    My heart leads...and my brain says, "Hold on...think about this!"

    I really enjoyed this thoughtful post!

    Thanks for linking.